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Fragile Fates: Chapter 12
Ch. 12: Trust
"What's it take to get you to trust me?"  Mimicry asked Cassy while they all walked down the hall towards the repair bay.  Hal was a bit too busy escorting Metal down the hall to answer any questions at the moment, so as most curious children do, she simply asked the next nearest person.
"I really can't tell you exactly what you can do for me," Cassy stated.  "But I suppose I can try and give you an example of something that would convince me."
She cocked her head to one side and put her hand on one side of her face as she walked, trying to think of something that would really serve as a good example.  After giving it some thought, she answered.
"One thing I can think of that would really earn my trust fully is if you saved my life in some way.  Something that drastic would be sure to earn my trust," Cassy finally replied.  She knew it was a bogus, cop out answer, but...
"Hey, that's never going to come up!"
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Fragile Fates: Chapter 11
Ch. 11: Questions
"What the hell!?"  The entire group said in near unison, taking a step back from what looked to be 'Metal Sonic'.  Instantly, both Cassandra and Tristy got into their fighting stances, prepared to strike to save their friend's life from what they now assumed was a monster.  However, Mimicry quickly changed back, rushing and hiding meekly behind Hal.
"Move, Hal!" Tristy said, training her gun's sights on the little rabbit as she turned off the safety.  "I'm gonna put that little spy out of its misery!"  Her distrust and hatred for...whatever that was just skyrocketed.  Cassy, however, simply reacted out of surprise.  She slowly lowered her fists once she felt the danger had passed.
"Hold it, Tristy!" Hal shouted, putting out his hands to stop her.  He turned around, facing the little girl behind him, and knelt down to her level.  She was shaking in fear again, much like how she di
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Fragile Fates: Chapter 10
Ch. 10: Outsiders
As the crew walked back to their hideout, Mimicry, the little rabbit the group had taken into their possession, was clinging close to Hal, glancing around every now and then as if contemplating a break or hoping to spot some sign of civilization nearby.  However, unfortunately for her, there was no civilization to escape to.  Out in the vast wasteland outside the city, there was little to no life left.  Even in these mountains, an area that was relatively far removed from the city, seemed devoid of any life at all.  The war that preceded Crystal's rise to power had decimated everything.
Even if there was somewhere to run, the group as a whole kept a watchful eye on both Mimicry and Hal as they walked along.  Kaleb led the way to the hideout, while Metal Sonic walked closely behind Hal.  And behind all of them was the final member of their current party, Tristy Vert.  
Tristy was very distrustful gra
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Halbert Foster by digs1114 Halbert Foster :icondigs1114:digs1114 1 2
Fragile Fates: Chapter 9
Ch. 9: Discovery
Back at the Rebel HQ, Rio continued to watch the radar.  "I'm still tracking it, sir!" Rio shouted.  "It's moving west, towards the mountains!"
"Alex, Rose, starting heading west," Aust commanded.  "I want to find out just what the hell is going on!"
Over government tracking, all the Imperial agents had already picked up a message from their own superiors.  Well, all the agents except Digs, however.  Immediately Digs ran ahead, going after the ferret's captor.  He was determined to be the one to rescue her.  Absolutely determined.
Meanwhile, on the edge of a plateau, a red fox and two of his comrades waited in anticipation.
"He's back," one of them stated calmly as a cloud of dust appeared in the distance.  The blur quickly made its way over to the group of three, stopping only a few paces from the red fox.  As the smoke cleared, the shadowy figure inside was revealed to be none o
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Yoshi Collection by digs1114 Yoshi Collection :icondigs1114:digs1114 3 7
Fragile Fates: Chapter 8
Ch. 8: Raid
The night of Crystal's ball was already getting a bit hectic.  The amount of people invited was ridiculous large.  Anyone who was someone was in attendance, meaning all the political big wigs as well as the richest folks in Great Metropolis were there.  None of those people actually mattered, of course.  They were there simply to stay in good standing with the all powerful Tyrantess.  After all, the more they could get into her good graces, the more lenient she would be about letting them keep their positions, or their money.
Jewels, a black cat with pencil straight hair, and dressed in a formal black and white skirt and blouse as well as white stiletto high heels, checked off guests' names on her clipboard as she greeted the incoming arrivals.  As Crystal's right hand woman, she was in charge of starting the event, shaking the hands of all the attendants, and making sure it ran smoothly.  The Ferret of H
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Rummaging Raccoon by digs1114 Rummaging Raccoon :icondigs1114:digs1114 0 0
Fragile Fates: SubChapter 1.1
Sub-Chapter 1.1: "Pay Me A Visit Sometime, Will Ya!?"
A few nights prior to the attempted raid, a lone meerkat entered the local bar and grill, one of the few places well known for supporting the rebellion that was still standing.  He sat up at the bar and ordered up a coffee from an old time friend of his.
"It's been a long time, Alex," The maroon cat behind the counter said as he sat down.  "Still lotsa cream and two sugars?"
"Yep, just as usual," He replied, rubbing the bridge of his nose a bit after sitting.  He was still pretty tired from the long day.
"How've things been around here, Alley?" He asked her, breaking a smile through the exhaustion.  After all, he was always happy to see her.
"Oh, you know, just the same.  I mean, it's not like I get paid that much for running this place, but, well, someone has to do it.  Plus, it gives people a place to hang out."
Heading over to the kettle, Alley began pouring the coffee i
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Calico Cat by digs1114 Calico Cat :icondigs1114:digs1114 2 0
Fragile Fates: Chapters 6 + 7
Ch. 6: Revelations
"Finally," Alex said, a bit exasperated from all that effort.  "Just had to knock some sense into ya, I suppose."  He chuckled at his own joke in spite of himself.
Alex took the moment of silence to look over her collapsed body.  Knocked unconscious like that, she just looked so peaceful.  It was a stark contrast from her normal demeanor, that's for sure.  However, he knew that she would have to be moved.
He went over to her now limp body and carefully picked her up, carrying her to the only piece of undestroyed furniture in the living room, the couch.  He softly placed her on it, then, after a moment of thought, he took her weapons to prevent any further outbreaks of destruction.  Afterwards, Alex sat on the ground next to the couch her, waiting for her.  He'd wait there all night until she woke up again if he had to.  There was no way he'd just let her go, and plus, he doubt t
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Ginyu Force...? by digs1114 Ginyu Force...? :icondigs1114:digs1114 1 4 Alex Marlow by digs1114 Alex Marlow :icondigs1114:digs1114 0 0
Fragile Fates: Chapter 5
Ch. 5: Resolve
Alex knelt over his new "patient", examining the two major wounds on her body.  He first took a look at the injury to her arm.  After a bit of probing, he found that the wound was definitely more of a superficial one.  He'd say it was a big stroke of luck for the meerkat if it wasn't for the fact that the bullet was still there, shallowly lodged in.  No wonder she couldn't lift her hammer.  That bullet probably caused her a huge amount of pain.  Still, at least it'd be relatively easy to take out.  Alex quickly went through the motions, removing the bullet and fixing up her arm with disinfectant and the other necessary additions, and then finished by bandaging it up tightly.
By mere inspection, Alex observed that the wound in her leg would be much more difficult to fix.  The bullet in that wound lodged itself much deeper within her upper inner thigh.  Its location also meant that he
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Talking Bathroom by digs1114 Talking Bathroom :icondigs1114:digs1114 0 6
Fragile Fates: Chapter 4
Ch. 4: Redemption
After shaking his head vigorously to clear his mind from the recent events, Alex clutched the area where the item he needed to deliver was stored.  Fortunately, it was still intact, and after patting himself down, he found that the rest of his body remained intact as well.  Though massive amounts of adrenaline still rushed through his body from the 'excitement', his body was somehow still as steady as a rock.  Maybe he was just used to this sort of stuff.
Not wanting to have to have to deal with yet another squad of patrol robots, Alex knew he'd have to be more cautious this time as he made his way towards his destination.  He started slinking in the shadows down the alley in the direction he originally intended to go until he reached the corner, where a familiar face was staggering along the path.  A sly smile formed on his face.
"Looks like you need help after all, Super Chick," He said, now grinning from ear to ear.
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Hal reference by Misqueme Hal reference :iconmisqueme:Misqueme 2 4 Soot Clade by TheTanman Soot Clade :iconthetanman:TheTanman 11 6 Snow is Too Cool 4 U by TheTanman Snow is Too Cool 4 U :iconthetanman:TheTanman 2 4 GRAB MY PSO by JezMM GRAB MY PSO :iconjezmm:JezMM 2 5 Request: Light Blue Yoshi by JezMM Request: Light Blue Yoshi :iconjezmm:JezMM 5 2 Request: Pelahan by JezMM Request: Pelahan :iconjezmm:JezMM 12 7 Yoshi's Island - Seasons by MKDrawings Yoshi's Island - Seasons :iconmkdrawings:MKDrawings 4,017 630 Happy V-Day Spoot Head by StephanieCassataArt Happy V-Day Spoot Head :iconstephaniecassataart:StephanieCassataArt 5 0 Dark Falz Is Sad by JezMM Dark Falz Is Sad :iconjezmm:JezMM 4 8 Hamtaro Lagann by GH07 Hamtaro Lagann :icongh07:GH07 344 85 'Maybe Another Time...' GHG by TheTanman 'Maybe Another Time...' GHG :iconthetanman:TheTanman 11 40 Hailey by JezMM Hailey :iconjezmm:JezMM 4 2


Tagged by both :iconthetanman: and :iconumb999:.  My apologies for getting to this so late, you two, but I really lacked any and all motivation to actually get to this.  I thought it'd be rather unfair to you two if I didn't eventually get to it, so, here we go.

The Rules:
Yeah, I'm skipping this. I don't really need rules, and I figure not many folks will read this anyways. Moving on.

The Facts:
I'll try to make these different from the facts that I gave in one of my previous journal posts.

1) The longest I've ever stayed awake was for about 36 hours or so, a feat that I cannot guarantee I can do again.  Nor would I want to.
2) While doing my undergraduate studies at UVA, I nearly missed one of my exams.  I rushed to take it, had about 30 minutes to an hour to complete it, and barely passed the class because of it.
3) My family and I have owned three dogs so far, all of them golden retrievers.  The most recent is the male runt of a litter of show dogs.
4) I never actually owned a credit card until April of this year.  The PSN hacking issue scared me into getting one, since using one gives me better security than using my debit card.  The spending limit is super low, though.
5) I'm not that bad of a pack rat, but when it comes to video games, I keep everything.  I still own all my old systems, including the gray brick gameboy.
6) I think most people know this already, but I'm red-green colour blind.  Yes, I've heard all the jokes, but go for it anyways.
7) I actually used to be a really fat kid.  However, in high school, I was pushed into sport, which included football and wrestling, and that got me into the physique that I currently have today.  It's probably slipping considering I don't work out much now, though.
8) I'm very proud of the fact that I can drive a manual transmission car.  In fact, if I had a choice, I'd always drive one.  Well, except in the city.  Manual cars in heavy traffic are pretty awful.
9) I've been in several of those goofy little 'competitions' they do at sports games, but I've only won once, and that was by random chance.  That $100 gas card was pretty great, though.
10) I'm a notorious introvert, but now-a-days, I tend to get fairly depressed when I have little to no social interaction within a day or so.  And yet I still need my break from lots of social interaction.  A bit of a conundrum, really.
11) I'm the worst morning person ever.  I'm at my snappiest and my nastiest if you wake me without warning.  I'm truly brutal.

Questions I have to Answer:
Side Note: I'm going to do both sets of questions given to me since I won't be making questions and won't be tagging anyone back. Sorry that I'm an antisocial piece of work (on Deviantart at least), but considering the no tag backs rule, practically everyone I know has been tagged anyways.

:iconthetanman:'s questions:
1.) Keychains? How many/what are they/what they mean to you?
I've got three at the moment.  One holds my keys to my apartment and my student ID.  One holds my car keys and a cool leather accessory for the Carolina Panthers, my American football team.  The last is from Australia.  It has the Australian flag and two accessories attached.  One is a mini Roy Mustang with Hayate on his head, and the other is a small Yoshi egg.

2.) What's the one most critical feature about you that makes you amazing?
If I'm answering seriously, I'd probably say my loyalty.  I'd like to think I'm a friend for life, unless something goes terribly wrong.  If I'm not answering seriously, I'd probably say just my general attitude keeps me awesome and amazing.

3.) You go out for dinner at a restaurant. What's your standard ordering from the menu?
If it's a nice restaurant and I'm not paying, I'll usually go for a nice slab of meat, like filet mignon or lamb.  But if I'm paying for myself?  I'll go a little cheaper, usually a hamburger.

4.) If you could change one moment of your past, what would it be?
Y'know, in all honesty, I don't think there's much of anything, since I don't think I'd be where I am without my past.  About the only thing I'm embarrassed about that I'd want to erase was prank calling 911 when I was a kid.  That was really, really embarrassing.

5.) Are you that kind of person who's always afraid to enter a full room late, or speak up in a group discussion, or use a PA system and always wait for someone else/make up an excuse not to?
I'm certainly not afraid to enter a full room late, but I hate speaking up in a group discussion and I dislike public speaking in general.  I'm actually pretty decent at it when pushed, though.  I won't go out of my way to do those things, but I won't make up an excuse not to talk.

6.) What's something you're in the middle of that you haven't quite finished?
Aside from this meme?  Aside from graduate school?  There's a long list of video games I still need complete, and I'm currently working on some lineart, since it's about the only thing I can do when It comes to art.  Those might not seem like much, but it feels like a whole lot.

7.) What are your feelings and thoughts on the current political climate? Heheheh…
Ugh.  Don't even get me started.  I'm fairly unhappy with the way things have gone, mostly because of the lack of jobs here in the U.S.  The fact that I got a bachelor of science in engineering and still couldn't get a job out of college is so frustrating that it makes me want to puke.  There's more I could expand on, but I don't want to get into it.

8.) Quick! Turn on the TV! What's the channel and what's on?
It's on Cartoon Network, which is showing American Dad at the moment.

9.) If you were a superhero, what would be your name and power(s)?
I always thought some of the teleporting powers were really cool when I was a kid, like Nightcrawler and such.  I wouldn't want to be overpowered either, so I'll go with that.  As for a name, well, I'd probably end up being named something stupid.  Like 'The Grand Dynamo' or something silly.  I'd hire someone to help improve my superhero image.

10.) Some things are unforgiveable… What would constitute that for you?
It's hard to say.  I'm usually fairly forgiving, especially if someone eventually apologizes to me.  However, I'd say deeply hurting or scarring me emotionally and failing to ever sincerely apologize.  And if it's bad enough, apologizing isn't enough.  People become dead to me over that.  On a side note, I also hate being ignored, but this is often misconstrued by me, so that's become entirely forgivable now-a-days.

11.) Your best friend sprains their ankle and you're being chased by Zombies! There's no way you can save them – What do you do?
Not knowing that there's no way to save them, I'd probably attempt and fail, falling in battle while trying to protect them in vein.  That's just how I am, and that especially goes if it's my best friend...

:iconumb999:'s questions:

1. You have 10 minutes to live, what do you do?
I'd tell all my friends that I'm about to go, then probably go do my favourite thing for those last few moments.  Video games, of course.

2. What do you like about me the most?
Well, that's a bit self-serving, isn't it?  I think I answered this question before, too.  Here's that answer.
5) I actually like how you're really persistent. You definitely don't keel over as fast as a lot of other people I talk to when I say something blatantly wrong and argue I'm right.

3. Your left hand is a gun, what's the damage report?
I've suddenly become Mega Man?  Guess it's time to take out those eight master robots...

4. What would be your favourite Anime series of all time?
I have several, and I usually make a list.  That'd currently consist of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and FLCL.

5. What is your favourite Animal?
It's a close tie between beavers and meerkats.  But I like lots of animals.

6. Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
What does that even mean?  Who are you, Miss South Carolina?  Heh, skipping this one.

7. What is the one band/artist that you would recommend to me?
Y'know, I haven't really been able to listen to much music.  Give The Mountain Goats a shot, though.  They've become a recent favourite.  I don't know if you'll like them, but whatever.

8. Batman versus Spiderman, who would win?
Probably Spiderman.  He's about as smart as Batman with his strategies, and he's got a little bit of an edge with his powers.  It'd be very close, though.

9. Without using a calculator, what is the total some of the Numbers 1 through 36?
Ugh, I used to know these when I took the GRE.  Hmm...if I'm doing my math right, though, it should be 666.

10. You go to France, and have to eat either Sparrowsor Snails, which would you eat?
Snails. Escargo is actually delicious.

11. I'm out of ideas for questions, so what is the one thing you want to ask me?
I dunno, I'm tapped out, really.  How about a zombie plan?  Got one, and what is it?

And that's it.  Ugh, that took forever.  Glad it's over.


United States
Well, since I'm deciding to be more active, I'll come clean. I'm a future environmental engineer who's here to try and look at some art as well as perhaps make some friends along the way. I'll mostly be posting some random pictures from my travels, some stories that I've decided to write, and some really terrible pictures I've drawn. I'm definitely not an artist at all...

Nothing much else to say, I suppose. Feel free to message me if you want. I'll be checking more regularly now.

Current Residence: Florida
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Print preference: 12 Point Times New Roman?
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock and Metal
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: Surreal, Anime
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Shotgun shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Usually a cartoon, like Regular Show or The Angry Beavers
Skin of choice: An eye pleasing skin
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi, Daggett, Rigby
Personal Quote: "So, who did I have in my mouth?"


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